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If you’re looking for the latest research articles on significant issues affecting child nutrition and school foodservice management, look no further. The latest issue of?The Journal of Child Nutrition & Management?is available for you to review.

Published twice a year, each issue of this exclusively digital publication features several research articles on topics critical to the successful operation of school meal programs. For the Fall 2021 issue, the peer-reviewed articles include:


  • Strong Anti-Shaming Policies Are Not Related To Amount Of Unpaid School Meals
  • Farm To School Program Activities: Food Service Response To The School Health Policies And Practices Survey 2016
  • Opportunities And Challenges Of Implementing Combination Steam And Convection Ovens In Mississippi School Kitchens


  • Use Of Food Rewards In Education: Time To De-Implement This Practice?


  • Abstracts Of Child Nutrition Showcase Research Posters 2021
  • Institute Of Child Nutrition Applied Research Division Spring 2021 Updates

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