SNA Election 2022

SNA-election 2022

The SNA Leadership Development Committee?held?the 2021?Virtual Selection Meeting?last week to review nominations for positions on the SNA Board of Directors?and?the?Leadership Development Committee. After reviewing the biographical information on each candidate, as well as supporting documents such as the candidate’s goals and the recommendations submitted by colleagues on leadership experience and competencies, the Committee selected a slate for the 2022?election.?

SNA is pleased to announce the 2022?election ballot.?

Candidates Biographies
To view biographical information for each candidate, click on their name below or you can view information for all the candidates.

Board of Directors

Vice President



School Nutrition Employee/Manager Representative

Leadership Development Committee

Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative

  • No candidates*

Midwest Regional Representative **

Southeast Regional Representative

    West Regional Representative

    • No candidates*

    Biographies of candidates selected for the ballot will be available to view online in early January 2022. The election will be held February 15-28, 2022.

    The elected candidates for the positions on the Board of Directors will be installed in July 2022 at ANC. The elected candidates for positions on the Leadership Development Committee begin their terms on March 1, 2022 to coincide with the annual nominations and election calendar.

    Congratulations and good luck to all the candidates!

    *If there is no eligible candidate for a region position on the Leadership Development Committee, the position shall be converted to an at large position for the term and the President-elect shall make the appointment with the approval of the Board.?

    ** Candidate withdrew from the election

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