Breakfast in the Classroom

The SNF Breakfast In the Classroom (BIC) Resource Center offers tools to support your direct delivery and grab-and-go breakfast programs!

Communications & Marketing

Connect to SNA resources designed to help you promote your program and effectively communicate the importance of school meals.

Culinary Skills

Learn essential culinary skills for school nutrition and check out other resources for school meals.

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Learn how you and your team can participate in SNA's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Professional Development Series.

      Financial Management

      Designed to help you with financial management challenges, this area provides a video tutorial series and other resources that you can utilize for yourself or your staff.

      Training Zone

      LEAD to Succeed?

      The L.E.A.D. to Succeed training modules have been developed specifically for school nutrition professionals seeking to Learn, Educate, Advance, and Develop in the school nutrition field.

        Ethics in School Nutrition

        SNA’s ethics training course has been designed to reinforce the importance of ethics and the factors of ethical decision-making. Be sure to register for the online course.

          Food Allergy Resources

          Food allergies are on the rise, especially among children. Check out our new resources for creating a safer and more socially comfortable environment for students with food allergies.


            Let SNA help you solve your procurement puzzle. Many resources and training programs have been developed to aid you in your procurement process.

              STEPS Personal Wellness

              SNA's STEPS wellness program was specifically created for you—the nation's school nutrition professionals. Check out the new Strive to Thrive app!

              Training Techniques for Adult Learners

              Training adult learners is not without its challenges. That’s why SNA has developed resources to help you train your team.

              USDA Professional Standards Hub

              All SNA training is aligned with USDA Professional Standards. Learn more about the requirements and key topic areas.

                USDA & ICN Resources

                Find helpful resources and links to the information you need.

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